Are you ready to discover a healthier more vibrant you?

It's no accident that you're here, so I'm really happy to be sharing this beautiful spritual journey with you.  This is taking your natural healing to a new level, from the inside out! This is me from my Spiritual, High Vibe, Magical self! It's been a long time coming as I used to shy away from sharing this huge aspect of Me, but through some amazing, beautiful people in my life in person and in Spirit, I feel like it's time to 'come out'

Think of this journey that you're going to be taking with me as a blank canvas, your life in your hands, let's large it up and have some fun time! No more shying away from the the person you 'really' want to be, the life you desire and the dreams you think are out of reach, or like my partner says, "I'll believe it when I see it"! Your happy place is where it's at, and this is going to be our great adventure, together.

With huge amounts of love and high vibes!

Kathy xxx

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Discovering The 'Real' You

How do we do this?  Where do we start?  These are just two of the questions that I get asked regularly when starting this journey.  Let me tell you that I've been on this journey since I was in my early teens, and it certainly hasn't always been easy, or straight forward, but with all that I have learnt along this beautiful winding path in the Game of Life, is that stepping out of your own way can be the most precious and exhilarating ride of your life!  When you understand that we all have this amazing gift of being intuitive, and how this gift will give you back control of your own life, you will never go back to the way you were, you won't want to! 

Just a few Testamonials

"Hey lovely, I just wanted to let you know how much our last reiki session helped me. If you recall my brain had become ‘stuck’ on a vague memory from when I was at school, and it was making me a little emotional, so we both focused on that through the treatment.  I wanted to give it some time but I’ve had literally no unwanted thoughts about the situation since. In fact I can make myself think about it now and have no strong emotions come up at all - it’s really been amazing, and feels like a big step forward. It’s making me want to have a mental ‘sort through’ and see what else I want to let go of next time I see you! 


Anyway - just wanted to let you know what a positive difference you’ve made xx"

Sam Jones

“100% stressed out at work (I'm a nurse), I was really looking forward to my week off.  Six days later I was still feeling the side effects of daily family life - stress!!  With one day before my return to work, I booked Kathy Newman for a Spinal Energy Massage - my 'me time' treat....it was amazing!!  Kathy gives you time, tranquility and a totally holistic experience.  She is passionate about her work, her oils and giving her clients the best possible experience.  I was not disappointed and can't wait to visit again!”

Alayne Stockham

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I went for my first reconnective healing treatment with Kathy, but I wish I could see her at least once a week!  She has such a happy relaxed way about her which made me feel immediately comfortable and the healing was not only physical but emotional. Each time I see her the treatment helps more than the last time. Highly recommend healing sessions with Kathy"

Daisy Degensteinova

"I am not a great fan of massage, but I am a huge fan of the energy of essential oils; so when asked to be a guinea pig for a Spinal Energy Technique session, involving massage with doTERRA essential oils, I was in two minds. What a nice surprise! It was fabulous. Gentle, relaxing and yet energising too. One mind, body and soul now nicely realigned. Thoroughly recommend! Thank you Kathy - 'oils feel great ;o)​"

Lynne Allbutt