The Power of Anchoring

95% of who we are by the time we are 35 is a memorised set of behaviours, emotional reactions and unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program. With our 5% conscious mind we might say that we want to be happy, healthy, feel good about ourselves and be free, but the body is on a whole different program. 

So how do we begin to make these changes? 

Well, as Joe Dispenza says, we have to get beyond the analytical mind because what separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind is the analytical mind.  This is when meditation or anchoring strategies play a role. Since you were a baby your brain has been firing and wiring your circuits and over time have become hardwired - a learnt pattern of behaviour.  But this isn’t the challenge - it is the emotion that follows our thoughts. For example, if we have a fearful thought, we feel anxiety come rushing in, then our brain will check in with our body and yes, we are feeling anxious. 

The redundancy of this cycle conditions the body to become the mind, so when we are ready to try something new, we attempt to make a different choice and suddenly, we don’t feel the same.  Our body panics because it always wants the familiar, even though we know the familiar isn’t benefiting us anymore.



Being in the unknown is a scary place for most of us because the unknown is uncertain – in the analogy, we are now attempting to drive in the slow lane and we feel uncomfortable there. The question we have to ask is “What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain?  What behaviours do I want to demonstrate today?” 

The act of rehearsing mentally can be very powerful. By this, I mean closing our eyes and rehearsing the action – because if we are truly present, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what we are imagining and what we are experiencing in 3D. So we can begin to install the neurological hardware in our brain to look like the event that has already occurred.  Our brain is then no longer a record of our past, it is now a map to the future and if we keep thinking in that way the hardware becomes a software programme, meaning we can upgrade our harddrive.

The quantum model of reality is about cause and affect.  The moment we start feeling abundant or worthy we are generating wealth; the moment we are empowered and feel it, we are beginning to step towards success; the moment we start feeling whole - our healing starts to begin and when we love who we are and love all of life, we create an amazing life.  This is the difference between living as a victim – I am this way because of this person, or this situation.  Switch that around and we can become a creator of our own world.  This is when essential oils can play a role…so let’s talk about anchoring.


Anchoring is a powerful technique for managing our thoughts and emotions. As we anchor, we can choose our state of mind, and change an outdated belief.

Anchoring involves associating an emotional or physical state to an outside sensation. Typically, anchoring is done through sight, sound or touch.  You may be familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as Tapping) which are both forms of anchoring.  Tapping is anchoring with touch. Another form of anchoring is with affirmations, something Louise Hay pioneered in the 90’s.  Affirmations are specific words you speak out loud to yourself to create specific results, like “I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM ABUNDANT”.  Anchoring is a form of classical conditioning.

Smell is often overlooked and underappreciated as one of the senses. Humans can discriminate a few million colours and about half a million tones. But we discriminate one trillion olfactory stimuli.  Because smell is in fact the most powerful of all senses and provides a direct connection to the limbic brain, which is why aromatic anchoring can be one of the most effective methods.

Have you ever smelled someone’s aftershave and immediately been transported back in time? Reminiscing over a past lover?  These examples are involuntary anchoring. Certain smells can trigger powerful memories and emotions. These moments happen to us all the time. They happen instantly without will or conscious thought. Imagine, then, if you could become intentional and take charge to anchor a scent to a mind state, we can become intentional and take charge of our productivity and success at work and relationships.


We are creating a psychological association using our limbic brain by way of the olfactory system.  During inhalation aromatic compounds travel through the nose and connect at receptor sites. These receptor sites send an immediate message to the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is connected to the amygdala, hippocampus, and other parts of the brain.  These sections of the brain are known as the “emotional brain”, because they regulate memories, emotions, motivation, stress levels, and hormone balance.  They also control the most primitive senses, such as basic drives, sexual arousal, and instincts.  Thus by tapping into this part of the brain by way of inhalation of aromatic compounds, we can create powerful emotions and memories and draw upon those established connections at will.


Anchoring a New Belief to an Essential Oil

This can work in many ways, eg. you can use this technique to manifest things that your heart desires, or you can pick an outdated belief you want to upgrade.  For the purposes of this we'll choose the new belief of complete self acceptance.

1.    Pick some quiet time, no phone, no disturbances.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night are powerful times.  Morning creates the vibration for the day ahead; last thing at night sets the tone for your subconscious mind as you sleep (what you are watching/doing before bed is very important)


2.    Choose the oil that resonates – in this example, Bergamot is the perfect oil because it is the “Oil of Self-Acceptance”, but you can choose any oil that resonates with you. If you were wanting to manifest in money, Wild Orange is a good oil because it’s the “Oil of Abundance”


3.    Close your eyes and think back to a time when you felt like you truly accepted yourself OR if you don’t have this as a memory, visualise what it would look like when you choose to fully accept yourself


4.    Visualise this, stand in a power pose (arms up on the air, or on your waist). Make sure you feel your thought in every cell your body.  See the image, feel the image.  Remember, your body cannot discern from what’s real or not


5.    Take a drop of the essential oil and place it in your hand. Rub your hands together. Cup your hands over your nose, and inhale deeply, making sure you do not get the oil in your eyes


6.    As you deeply inhale the essential oil, play back the memory or visualisation in your mind and say to yourself out loud “I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY ACCEPT MYSELF” (or whatever affirmation is fitting for your cause)


7.    Release your hands from your face and release your thoughts simultaneously. Shake your hands at your sides and allow your mind to wander


8.    Repeat the process several times, each time evoking powerful emotion and imagery as you inhale and anchor. You may need to reapply the essential oil if you feel the scent has faded

Eventually, just the smell of the oil will trigger the new belief template or new software program. You won’t even need to do the power poses, because the neuropathways will kickstart the whole program. 

How amazing is that?

Follow Up Exercises

1.    On a piece of paper, jot down all the limiting or negative beliefs you hear playing out in your mind on a daily basis, for example, I am not good enough, I am stupid, I am a victim, I am unloveable…


2.    Pick one and then look at your oils and see which one you are drawn too.  It could be the colour of the bottle, the smell, or just your intuition that draws your eyes to an oil.  If you have the emotions book by Amanda Porter, you can find the oil that way by picking what its emotional properties are


3.    Complete the Anchoring technique for a minimum of a week


4.    Keep that particular oil with you because you want it on hand throughout the day


5.    In addition to saying the affirmation in the process, you can write up an affirmation on a post it and keep it on your mirror. Where possible, keep saying it to yourself (and even do the power pose).  You can make it look like a long stretch if you are in the office!


6.    Furthermore, you can create a specific oil blend in a 10ml roller using a combination of oils. If you have a label maker create a label that has the affirmation on it.  Then every time you use it, you are reminded to say (and feel) the affirmation or new belief.

A Final Word

As mentioned earlier, creating new ways of thinking, feeling and being will create resistance within you because the body is used to playing out the same ‘familiar’ stories. Remember, the fast lane on the motorway.  This route will be embedded in your body, so changing to another lane will take patience and persistence.  If you give up, the limiting belief or old way of thinking will revert back to the fast lane because the body is trying to be efficient and will always go for the fastest route.  My recommendation is don’t overload yourself, start small.  Now you have Inner Happyiness and Joy!  


This process is inspired by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza and Melina J. Brecheisen