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How to find you inner calm!

How to stay calm in the midst of discomfort

These are certainly very challenging times right now, and what a year it's been! I can feel the fear and anxiety in people when I'm out and about, going to the shops, supporting my clients and watching the news. It's all around us. So my question this morning as I meditated, was how can I give some support to others, wherever they are, to bring some calm into their life in this moment?

Breathing! It's that simple, nothing complicated. How you breathe has a huge impact on how your body regulates and balances the nervous system, supporting physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Most people shallow breathe all the time, putting the body into a stressed state, ready for fight or flight. No wonder more people than ever are having Panic Attacks! So with this easy technique, with just a few minutes of deep, slow breathing you can totally change a feeling from panic to calm, and here's what you do...

If you can take yourself somewhere quiet, where you won't be disturbed, then this will work better, but you can also do this wherever you are, in the moment with your eyes open, and still handle a situation in a calmer, more controlled manner. However, for this exercise, I'd like you to sit down somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Start bringing your awareness to the heart, and slow your breathing. Notice your facial muscles, start to relax your jaw and the muscles around your eyes, let go of your shoulders as you feel the body start to relax. Now gradually take your breathing much slower and deeper, continuing for as long as needed.

Do this whenever you need to, there's no time limit and it should be easy. Make this unique for you, because everything I share is just for you. There's no right way, or wrong way, it's whatever feels right for you.

With love, Kathy x

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