Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a return to a state of balance and harmony. Through interacting with the comprehensive healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information. Its first basic element is energy and energy is everything we are all made up of, our very essence and our actual physical body. Light is the communication within these frequencies between the Universe and ourselves. Information comes through the interaction and entrainment with the energy and the light. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques as it allows us to let go of the concept and approach of technique itself. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more. In Reconnectie Healing I do not diagnose or treat, I simply interact with the healing frequencies, bringing you back into balance so that your body can heal itself, which can sometimes be instantaneous.

Reconnective Healing is a new level of hands-off healing that returns you to an optimal state of balance and health. During a session you interact with these frequencies and enter into a communication with a higher level of Consciousness that reconnects you with your divine blueprint. When in this vibrational space, any imbalances in your body and energy field simply fall away. The principle is simple but effects can be profound and tend to be life long. Healing happens on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing may include:


• Increased Energy Levels 
• Increased Mental Clarity 
• Personal Ability to Grow 
• A Sense of Calm or Balance 
• Emotional Healing & Stability 
• Clearing & Balancing of Chakras 
• Can Provide Relief from Chronic Pain 
• Boosts & Strengthens the Immune System 
• Compliments & Supports 
• Conservative Medical Treatment 
• Blocked Emotions & Feelings 
• Reduces Stress, Tension, Anxiety, & General Emotional Distress